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Exclamation Maybe sometimes, but not usually I'd bet...

Originally Posted by speersjeff View Post
its a LCD panel failure problem not a Dish receiver problem. I see it all the time on LCD's. When I hook these receivers to Sony SXRD, Plasma, CRT-HD , HD-Ila tech. the problem is not there. It mainly ties to the renduring processor in the LCD along with the panel not being able to refresh as fast as needs to be. the display may say even 120HZ on it but they usually look worse when in that mode. Go to a local big box retailer and try it switch the 120HZ mode on and off and you can see it get worse in that higher refresh rate.
Jeff, I think you are talking about two seperate issues... Your explanation of a "LCD panel failure problem" certainly wouldn't explain why my Sony 34" CRT experiences the same problem from time to time.

I'm pretty positive that the issue here is signal strength or lack thereof~
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