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What is HD?

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Originally Posted by BobY View Post
Sorry, missed the comment about HDMI--I thought he might have had one of the 360's that didn't have HDMI.

I will tell you from my experience that I get better results with Component Video than HDMI in many cases, particularly when it comes to color and black levels. I have a hunch that some HDMI interfaces scale or compress the color information and have an incorrect black-level reference.

If you have the Component Video cable, try it.

I would also try it with Expanded Mode off, as many people have reported it crushed black levels and reduced shadow details. This can be corrected if you want to have your display professionally calibrated.
Intrestingly the first xbox I purchased did NOT have an HDMI slot, so I swapped it for the halo box that did. I do have a component cable, and I will try that, thanks for the suggestion. One of the settings that I wasant sure about in the menu was HDMI Black Levels. When I turn "Low" on as opposed to defualt (Makes the picture darker) it seems to help the problem a little. Should that lead me to belive that it could be the black levels that I have heard some much debate about that may be causing this problem?
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