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I would definately try a few more games to see if it is the game that is the major issue. You can go down to Blockbuster and rent a game for like $7 for 10 days. Also a great way to test drive game. Or download a couple free trials on XBL.. I would not put too much into the HDMI cable. You are most likely fine there.

LCD's are prone to blur/lag with fast action motion/games, but it is for the most part minimal now a days. Response times are much better over the last few years and help to minimaize the effects, but not totally eliminate it. And Sharp (6ms) and Samsung (8ms) have 2 of the best RT's in the game. But it is pretty much a standard for all name brands LCD's including Vizio and Olevia to have RT's less than 10 ms... Trying a couple more games would be a big plus. I know there are quite a few 360/PS3 owners out there that game on LCD's (including the 2 you mentioned). They can give more 1st hand than me and my plasma...

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