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What is HD?

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Originally Posted by Bigloww View Post
From what I read, it sounds like he has it connected via HDMI, so settings from the 360 side should be pretty much auto for the most part. And he did say he verified his settings..

"I hooked up my xbox 360 and poped in halo, used hdmi made sure all the settings were right and started it up."

1 question I forgot to ask is if the effect on other games were the same as Halo... I assume yes, but.......
I am guilty of owning only one game. Looking back, it was incredibly stupid to make the purchase without a couple things to compare. My xbox360 is set to 1080p with "Expanded" (not sure what expanded is though..) I did indeed use a HDMI cable (pre-owned, I heard that the quality of the cable wasant extremely important, was that a dumb decision?)

I am starting to think based on the research I am doing, that it is possible that the samsung is almost "too good" and that the only reason I am seeing this bluring at a distance is because 360 is rendering halo that way. It is possible I did not notice it on the aquos because the exagerated and sharp edges lesened the effect.

*EDIT* In my earnest I forgot to say, THANKS! I appericate your help and coments.
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