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What is HD?

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Default First timer having some problems!

First, let me bring you up to speed. I have owned a 27" oldschool run of the mill tv for the longest time, and it has always served me well. The other day, I purchased an xbox 360 with halo3, and decided that, since I was getting an HD ready gaming console, I might as well give my study a long overdue upgrade and grab an HDTV with it. I decided that 32" was a nice size upgrade, but was quickly convinced that a 37" would be more in order when I visited brandsmart. I purchased a 37" 1080p Sharp Aquos LC37DW99U. When I got home, I did some research into the TV, and found that there was actually 0 information about it anywhere, other then on brandsmart's homepage. I hooked up my xbox 360 and poped in halo, used hdmi made sure all the settings were right and started it up. My first impression was dissapointment. It looked good, there is no denying it, but just not as good as I expected. Some of the edges looked too sharp, unrealistic, and although things like the water, waterfalls, and general geography looked good, things like buildings in dark locales, or edges of things close to dark colors, looked un-natural. It may not make much sense, but although everything had very good detail, with some things (such as trees with brightness behind them) the edges looked like razors. I was told I had 5 days to return it, so I did so. My main use for this HDTV will be gaming, with a dvd once in a while, as I will use my family room (normal tv) for most of everything. When I got back to brandsmart, I started browsing the tv's again. I had seen one tv that stuck out as being better picture quality to me over the sharp, but it was a bit more expensive, and a bit bigger (40" Samsung LN-T4065F.) At this point, I was a little desperate, I did not want the 500$ I spent on my xbox to be a waste, nor did I want to have to revert back to my standard 27" tv, so I purchased the samsung and set it up.

My first impression with the samsung was, Wow! Thats a much better picture! The opening cinematic was without a doubt much more detailed, the enviroment looked rich and welcoming, but about 30 seconds in, I realized somthing. Objects at a distance in the game were.. blurred. The best way to describe it is, objects off in the distance, instead of retaining there detail (or atleast looking like they did on the sharp) seemd to blur a bit. Not a blur like with motion but more of a loss of details, you would looks cracks in a rock, for example. At first I figured this was either a feature of the game that I had not noticed, or somthing to do with the tv settings, but the more I played the more it became apparent. Somthing was defitnely diffrent. I tried putting the tv in "Game Mode" which depleted the picture quality a bit but made the game run more smooth. But it did not fix the problem. I talked to a couple friends who have HDTV's and they said they did not notice anything like what I was describing. I have played around with the settings ALOT, and have managed to decrease the problem a bit and enhance the picture, but it is defitnely still there. I am now wondering if the reason I notice it is because the samsung has a much better picture, and flaws in the game are more obvious, or if the samsung is not capable of rendering the picture quality at a distance that the sharp was. The later seems odd to me, since everything else seems to look better on the samsung. I have two days with which to decide wether its return the samsung, and try again, or stick with it. My current overall feeling is, if im going to spend around 1900$ on a tv with warranty and cables, I should be 100% happy with it, and if I am not totaly satisified, I should return it. Am I being too picky? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? If I was to return it, I suppose my options would include the comprable Sony Brovia, or one of the other competing brands. Two problems that I must mention before posting are this. A) My eyesight is not what it used to be, however, obviously if I am picking out this small diffrences in the samsung and the sharp, I assume my eyesight is adequate to make a competent decision between tv's, as my problem is usualy with things at a distance. B) I sit close to the tv (about 70-75 inches around 6 feet) away. And sometimes a little less.

Thanks for anyone who has gotten this far in this essay! And thanks in advance for anyone who coments or gives me any advice, including "Your being to picky, stfu and keep it!"
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