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But BD+ I think is going to be an ongoing key update situation if it have to change the keys when it gets hacked.

I really do not think that they thought out WHO would be responsible for providing this and I can bet the CE companies do not want to be providing updates for 2-8 year old player models. Do you?

Remember, BD has been out for 16 months already, and they have not even got the Profile 1.1 players out yet. Now there are issues with BD+, BD-J, etc, etc. When will it end?
I have no idea how these AACS/BD+ thingies work (like you said, why should i? As a customer, i just want a working product! )

Afaik the DRM concept of the BDA is "open" in order to be able to react to cracks of any kind. This *has* to include a strategy, how the consumer can keep his player up to date.

And in fact yes, i would expect the hardware manufacturers to provide me with firmware upgrades that allow me to play all legit BR movies for years, even if i only buy a cheap outmoded first/second generation profile 1.0 player. I would expect to receive the updates via mail, download to .iso and/or directly to the player if it has an internet port. That LG might not want to do that (rumor) does seem very odd to me.
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