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Originally Posted by daleb View Post
I have LSD (viscous) in the G, and load it up with gobs of torque and if I intentionally hit a wet spot at speed when negotiating a corner it can be quite alarming, while still very safe, due to the reaction of stability control. Some loud bangs from the rear, and the car starts slowing rapidly.

I can turn off ESD but apparently it will still come into play under certain extreme conditions. And defaults to full ON the next time you start the car.
I think it's best left ON for most drivers and most conditions. When you need it the most during a non-self-induced driving situation you will not be thinking about whether you left it on or not.

Anyway, I can usually modulate the gas just enough to give me a cheap thrill in fast turns with no big drama, just a little slide and wiggle.

I would agree disk-pack units are very useful for trucks with high torque and light loads, not for improving high speed cornering finesse.

There are after-market mechanical lock up units too, very expensive but virtually foolproof.
I definately thought about an aftermarket mechanical LSD for my vehicle, except I don't think anyone makes one yet other than the Detroit Locker. Of course a locking differential is simply out of the question for any vehicle that gets daily driven. Over the last winter, I tried to test out my stability control system and found it to be rather useless when playing around with it at the local county park before they got around to plowing the snow. What's even worse is that they have programmed the system in my vehicle so that if you floor it from a dead stop, it deliberately hesitates for a short while like if the system is really asking, "are you sure you want to do this?" As a result, I simply turn it off when i've got to put the smack down on some annoying drivers late at night(usually are ricers).
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