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Originally Posted by RedSIinPA View Post
<-- loves his limited slip diff
I have LSD (viscous) in the G, and load it up with gobs of torque and if I intentionally hit a wet spot at speed when negotiating a corner it can be quite alarming, while still very safe, due to the reaction of stability control. Some loud bangs from the rear, and the car starts slowing rapidly.

I can turn off ESD but apparently it will still come into play under certain extreme conditions. And defaults to full ON the next time you start the car.
I think it's best left ON for most drivers and most conditions. When you need it the most during a non-self-induced driving situation you will not be thinking about whether you left it on or not.

Anyway, I can usually modulate the gas just enough to give me a cheap thrill in fast turns with no big drama, just a little slide and wiggle.

I would agree disk-pack units are very useful for trucks with high torque and light loads, not for improving high speed cornering finesse.

There are after-market mechanical lock up units too, very expensive but virtually foolproof.
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