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Originally Posted by daleb View Post
I think it was to be a TL-junior... a little too junior I think. Small V6 would have been a nice sport option.
I've had nothing but FWD for quite a while. It is a pleasure to have a G35 with RWD and almost equal wt. dist. to throw into corners.
Granted, how much you enjoy it, could depend on your climate.
Yeah, I think the TSX could definately have used a 3.0 litre or smaller V6 to wake things up a bit. It has 200hp, but you can only do so much when it's an I4 with not so much torque. The good thing about FWD is that it's forgiving when you drive and make a mistake. It's actually pretty good for the few FWD vehicles out there that feature a LSD, but FWD with an open differential leaves much to be desired for anything other than a vehicle that serves as a daily driver.
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