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Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
Tape may have a bad name in the consumer market, but all HDTV and Digital Movies are still stored on tape by the professionals. Tape has proven itself to be a very reliable format over the last 50 years.
I don't think that we are talking about professional tape systems in this thread. Buy, yes, it has been, in general, a very reliable format over the last 50 years - it's just that its days for popular consumer use are now over.

How? Aren't the DVR-HD programs encoded to prevent copying to external devices?
mmm, guess you heard wrong. I do it all the time. Use S-video from HD-DVR to DVD/R and press record. No problems.

A D-VHS or DV or Digital8 machine doesn't have any analog circuitry. It's all digital from the Firewire/USB inputs to the recording head to the tape.
I said nothing about D-VHS, DV, or Digital8 - this thread is all about S-VHS if you hadn't noticed.

Your statement is false.
Well, let's see, I said (in the context of this thread which has been totally about S-VHS, with a few allusioins to beta) that "Output is handled digitally from the getgo, so bye-bye to all that analogue circuitry in the tape machines." What is false about that, other than you have now introduced D-VHS, DV and Digital8, none of which were being discussed.

Besides, While your statement is correct, D-VHS was a "last hurrah" for VHS and while the D-VHS system is seen by its few and dwindling fans as a highly versatile recorder, it should be noted that the other tape-based formats, DV and Digital8, never gained any consumer interest except as camcorder mediums. So, given the wholesale move to DVD and then hard disk drive (HDD) recording, the digital tape format failed to make any headway into the consumer video market. These aren't even significant formats in today's world.

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