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Wii 480p looks good to me

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Originally Posted by mulciber View Post
The S-video image is not as clear, there are artifacts, and so on. Yet it is a better image than I get from the recorded tape. If I could get even that diminished-quality image on the tape I'd consider it watchable.
Hmmm. An S-VHS tape running at full speed (SP) should be almost-identical to the S-video image. That's odd.
So you're on to something, in that the S-video out of the back of the HD-DVR is definitely of a far lower quality than the HDMI
Which is normal. S-video maxes-out at ~640x480, while HDMI can go to higher resolutions.

As you've probably noticed:

- The manufacturers are making it really difficult for consumers to capture & store HD in their libraries. D-VHS is probably the only practical solution right now. (Or else download the HD rips off the internet.)
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