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Originally Posted by Downeaster View Post
I just finished reading articles on the tvpredictions blog, and see that Directv will have a total of between 70 and
100 Hdtv channels by the end of September, including
the Fox News Channel. What is Dish going to do to
keep us a subscribers. I am having serious doubts about
remaining a subscriber. I have currently had Dish hdtv
for 3 years now, and like a lot of the content, however
it seems that Directv is blowing them away with over
150 predicted channels in 2008. I currently have the
Platinum package, and feel maybe the money I am
spending could be better served with Directv. Charlie
Chat hasn't given us much..

dish is the best and if you get the right c/s that is good too.

Dish displays and direct promises.

keep smiling
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