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Default Blockbuster response to why they only carry blu-ray!

Hey guys,

For the hell of it last week I e-mailed BB corporate to ask if they would reconsider their decision to only carry blu in their stores. Basically, all I said was with the latest news in favor of HD DVD would BB reconsider and carry both formats? The response I got was a well rehearsed, sales pitch directly from Sony. A few samplings:

Player Prices:

Blu-Ray $300- $1,100

HD DVD $200- $900

Storage Capacity: (Like it really matters).

Blu Ray- 25 gb

% of HD Movies sold as of 8/22/07:
66% Blu Ray
34% HD DVD

Industry Support: (I am sure this CS rep knew this information and had the data readily available!)

Blu Ray (Apple, Dell, Hitachi, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, etc).

HD DVD (Toshiba, NEC, Microsoft, Intel, Sanyo).

You get the message.... this response from a customer service rep at BB? R U kidding me? It is pretty obvious this has been rehearsed over and over and instead of answering my question they throw this back at you!

If this CS rep is anything like the kids they have working at their B&M stores they have no freaking clue whats going on!
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