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Yep, you could get a lot of discussion on that point though. There have been many counterfiet Hemi-Cudas too, but the first really bad Hemi-Cudas were introduced in 1968 just for drag racing and were not street legal. They were joined by about 50 Dodge Darts with the 427 Hemi were a reaction to the Ford Thunderbolt drag car that was street legal and would run in the 11's off the showroom floor with only tire change. At the time the Hemi's were running in the 12's off the showroom floor with tire changes.

Now that's not to say the Hemi cars didn't have more potential than some of the other muscle cars at the time, because they did. Obvious by the fact that the challenge was in the 8's! I don't think a Thunderbolt has ever seen 8's unless modified beyond what would be legal for class. But I'm really talking about tests done at the time when they were new and virtually unmodified.
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