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Originally Posted by ljp416jmp
Dude...the Directv folks were lying to you....they'll add some channels when the new birds are up, mostly high def locals....I'm in the NYC DMA so it matters not to me, I already get my locals....IMHO, Directv HD isn't worth it now..I've had it for about 1 year and I'm cancellling as soon as I can...besides, they're down-rezzing the HD channels, it's clearly noticeable...we'll see when MPEG-4 rolls out
Supposedly, theyre adding 1500 channels with this new satellite. Of course, most will be locals.. but there will be quite a few channels added in HD... thats just common sense. Im sure theyll have more HD than Voom has. I just got off the phone with them and right now, theyre taking requests as to what channels people want in HD. So call them up, and let them know what you want.

I requested the YES network in HD.
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