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Originally Posted by electrictroy View Post
I asked this before, but didn't really get an answer:

How clear is the SOURCE signal? i.e. If you plug the S-video directly from the settop box to the TV, how does it look? (The reason I ask is, maybe the problem is your box not the vcr.)

Sorry. When I plug the S-video into the display it naturally does not look as good as the HDMI out from the box. For example, looking at an HD channel the picture automatically letterboxes, rather than filling the screen (HD translates to SD). The image is not as clear, there are artifacts, and so on. Yet it is a better image than I get from the recorded tape. If I could get even that diminished-quality image on the tape I'd consider it watchable.

So you're on to something, in that the S-video out of the back of the HD-DVR is definitely of a far lower quality than the HDMI (is S-video even capable of transmitting an HD signal? I am new to this).

My goal is simply to reproduce the quality of the signal I see on the display when I watch live TV or a DVR recording, and I'm trying to do that in any way short of buying a brand new DVR with digital tuner and DVD burner built in. I just can't have that expense at the moment. For now, I cannot archive anything, and that's giving me headaches.

Thanks for the advice. DGI
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