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Originally Posted by junehhan View Post
It's been a long and wierd path for me as i've been sidetracked a few times. I also changed majors when I realized that I have to do what is right for me, and not what others think is right for me. College came to a halt for me a while ago when my father had a couple of heart attacks, and then kidney failure which forced me to hold 2-3 jobs so that we wouldn't lose our house, buisness, and cars. My parents didn't have insurance back then, and this disaster nearly sent us to bankruptcy as we were getting just by. A couple years later my father found a donor kidney which was great news, but my mother at the same time injured herself after falling off a cliff while hiking which became a disaster as neither were able to work and the bills just kept piling up. Of course the medical expenses were piling up like you wouldn't believe, although at least this time they had some insurance through my mom's job. However, what is fortunate is how much of a fighter my mom always was as I think she was the one who kept our family from falling apart at this point. Once she healed, it was amazing how we went from debating on filing for bankruptcy to getting back on our feet unflawed. Religion also played a big role as some things happened to us that were just too well timed to be just coincidence. It's only been recent that our lives have started coming back together and they've finally gotten everything paid off. While neither of them were working, I had to max out two platinum credit cards and just got them paid off last year after taking out my retirement account after quitting a job(hadn't worked there long enough to do anything with the account). On the plus side, I always had a relatively nice car to drive as it was a hobby of mine that kept me sane through those years. Some people look at me and seem to assume that I made stupid decisions or that everything was handed to me, and I find this irritating as i've had to work for everything i've ever owned so far in my life. It irritates me when I see particularly people out there who simply have everything handed to them, as they never understand the value of it. People have always seen me drive relatively nice cars and think that they were given to me, yet they seem to have no clue how hard I worked even during the dark years to buy something for myself to keep me from going insane from a stress load. I'm just so glad that i'm finally a year away from finishing school as I plan on going right into graduate school since the job market is more competitive than ever these days if you want to make a decent living. I hope to start my own buisness although things are getting harder as commercial property keeps getting more expensive in value. The good news for me at least is that i'm hoping my extensive and perfect credit record will help me when the time comes to obtain some sort of financing that will definately be required in starting any type of project.

Wow! Your parents should be very proud. They did a good job teaching you what's really important.

Perseverance, hope and prayer are certainly a good tonic.

I am glad things are working out well for both you and your parents.

Hey, I'm surprized you weren't more sympathetic on that other string about insurance.

Seems you have first hand experience on the trials and troubles of those who are uninsured and underinsured.

Good luck. I am sure there are good things ahead.
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