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Originally Posted by junehhan View Post
Well, congrats on graduating! I've got another year to go and have been holding down 2 part time jobs that pay pretty decent for what they are(one involves pissing a LOT of people off though). If you can't settle for the M5, perhaps you could settle for the really sharp looking 335i sedan? While I am very heavily biased in my love towards American cars(Ford particularly), I hope one day to be at a financial status that would allow me to buy an M5 of whatever equivalent is out at the time.
Nice work June.

You have all the ingrediants in place. To reach and achieve goals, one must have a goal along with a plan on how to get there. It dosn't come without personal sacrifice, perseverance and a hard work ethic.

It's sad how so many young people today expect it to be given to them as if it's a right. It's not.

Go get em big fella.
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