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Originally Posted by llroy View Post
thanks for the input pfc5. I do believe your right about going with the yamaha. I have read before about the brightness of the onkyo. I really do need a new av receiver the one I have is an older sony that only has dvi. I have my h20 and hd-dvd running thru a hdmi switch box to my tv. I have optical and coax to my receiver. With my old tv (before i went hd)I ran component and optical thru a swtich box. It seems my sound quality and the seperation was better before I went hd. The dvd player I replaced with the a2 was an older denon with optical. I hope I get better sound with the hdmi hookup.
From what I have heard myself owning both HD formats, many HD soundtracks are recorded at a lower level that keeps the noise floor lower. You will have to turn the volume up a slightly to compare the sound at the same DB level, because that is the only way to do a fair comparison.

Omega made a good point. Are you comparing the same titles on the same format? And as stated above you need to compare them at the SAME VOLUME levels to do a fair comparison. DO you have a SPL meter? This could be used to adjust the input levels for each to be at matching volume (DB) levels.
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