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Originally Posted by llroy View Post
The onkyo tx-sr605 is one of the receivers I've been considering. The other was a used one (just like new)from a friend. I'ts the yamaha rx-v1600 he wants 450.00 for it. The 605 is selling for 399.99(in black) at but out of stock . I was told they would be getting in around 100 units of each color in a week or two. I think cc has the silver one for 429 and black for 469. I'm not sure if I should go for the 1600 with lots of features or the 605 with fewer but newer features.
I would definitely get the Yamaha if it was me. I own a Onkyo STEREO receiver which is in my game room with B&W speakers, and it sounds good. However, I do not think the Onkyo HT receivers are as good as the Yamaha or Denon receivers that I also own. My friend just bought the Onkyo 604 receiver to get the HDMI input and the AVR-887 Denon smokes it IMO. My friend thinks so too. He has B&W speakers to use with it and the center channel seems to have an echo effect for some reason that we have not been able to eliminate, no matter what we do. I have read his whole manual, and we even reset the receiver but there is still an echo/reverb that should not be there.

Yamaha and Denon both have pretty neutral tonal qualities so they work with just about any speakers but the Onkyo receivers seem to have a fairly bright tonal quality so you would want warm speakers hooked up to them, like the B&W speakers. The problem is that the B&W speakers are not very cheap in price.

Pioneer & Harmon Kardon make nice receivers also and I think they are above Onkyo also. The lower priced Pioneer receivers with HDMI do not pass the sound through the receiver and only handle video. You need to step up to the Elite series which cost much more $$.

HK receivers are excellent and they are more powerful than their specs indicate. They rate their receiver power much more conservatively than the others mentioned do, because they measure with ALL channels drive simultaneously, where the others do not. The HK receivers are also more expensive to get one with HDMI though.

I hope this helps!
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