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Okay after doing some research it seems that most are using MPEG-4 these days [couldn't find an article discussing it, but just looked at individual reviews of recent blu ray releases.]

So with that new information, the new CODEC paragraph would look similar to this:

One other difference between the two formats is the compression schemes they use to fit movies onto a disc [all movies must be compressed whether they are put onto an HD DVD or Blu Ray disc.]. Technically, both formats can use the same compression schemes, or CODECs [enCOding/DECoding], for playing movies. These CODECs include the MPEG-2 [which is used to encode standard definition DVDs], and the next-generation CODECs MPEG-4 and VC-1.

And in the early days of Blu Ray, Sony only provided studios with software to encode movies using the old MPEG-2 CODEC. Sony claimed that the MPEG-2 CODEC delivered great HD performance even though it was outdated. However, many consumers felt that it did not deliver great HD content, and many of the early Blu Ray relases were deemed inferior to the early HD DVD releases which were encoded using the next-generation VC-1 CODEC. So, recently Sony has changed its preferred CODEC to the MPEG-4, which has greatly increased the picture quality of Blu Ray releases. Thus, the picture quality difference between HD DVD and Blu Ray has become hardly recognizable, and now both deliver equally great picture performance [with the HD DVD using VC-1 and Blu Ray using MPEG-4.]. And although you may hear from both sides of the camp that their technology delivers the greatest picture performance, picture quality should not be a major factor when deciding between HD DVD and Blu Ray. Since both are technically capable of the same performance, the quality of a new release is more dependent on the people who mastered the film, rather the technology it is being displayed upon.

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