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What is HD?

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Default HD DN & Voom Confused!

Originally Posted by fredinva View Post

Maybe this post warranted being a 'sticky' fourteen months ago, but it is way over due to being deleted totally.

The heading is "New HD Channel Line Up"
Well, nothing has been updated since the original 10 Voom were added to DN!! Geez, we've got MPEG4 recievers now and another dozen HD chennels.

I am new to this forum and HD. I talked to an Account Specialist at Dish network today and she informed me there are 30 HD channels including VOOM, which she says they no longer call voom.
So I am confused about how many channels are current subscribers receiving? Is the account specialist correct in her statement about voom. Yes it would be nice if someone would post the current DN HD channels and including which ones are voom.
Thank You
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