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Originally Posted by GLOW View Post
I don't know who wrote this but it definitely wasn't you. This was probably written sometime around August 2006. It reads completely outdated and it is a joke to post something like this now. Why don't you make a list? No one wants to read a novel to know the differences between the 2 formats.
Yes I wrote it [with information from articles around the net.] This is why I posted it though, so people could correct me. While writing it, I tried to search for what Blu Ray movies were currently encoding at, and I couldn't find anything but how the MPEG-2 CODEC was in great use in BD discs. But just tell me what BD currently uses and I'll change it. I'm assuming it's MPEG-4 since HD DVD mainly uses VC-1. But I have found that Crank [released in Jan 2007] was encoded in MPEG-2 so it isn't as outdated as you are saying it is.

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