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My wife nad I went to see Transformers, and I wish I had waited with that one. Somewhat enjoyable if you just want a "ride" type experience, but little story, and obvious "oops" in the plausibility through out !

...and then the people, sadly they don't all turn off the cell phones, and then think they're being considerate by leaving "after" it goes off. That perhaps is what ruined the film for us, I don't know ?

To me it was a big commercial for GM's and not much more. Although stunning visually, I must say.

All that being said, I likely would've enjoyed "Die Hard" (which we went to see but was sold out, so transformers was the 2nd choice) on the big screen. I usually wait a few weeks for the crowds to die down though. We did that with POTC 3 recently and WOW ! as well as "The Last Mimzi" & "1408" ! Those were much better "experiences".

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