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Let's be careful here... FIOS, the cable guys, the satellite guys are the distribution mechanisms... but the source signal ALWAYS has "compression." The issue is that to achieve higher "number of channels" it has been known a distributor applies additional compression (the infamous "HDLite").

AND we have documented cases where one of those signal sources (PBS) would multi-cast so much crap in their bandwidth that PQ was HUGELY effected (the most god-awful motion blur... on talking heads!).

As for FIOS, it is doubtful those living in multi-unit buildings may get fiber to their entertainment center. I live in a 40 unit, 10 story building and suspect when FIOS gets here it will be to the street outside, then copper the rest of the way. Which is damn close to what the local cable monopoly does... except I KNOW their fiber to copper point is around 150 feet away.

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