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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
What I don't understand is why car makers have to sell some vehicle types at a loss and make up for it by padding truck and SUV prices? Can't they break out of that cycle and just charge what they're worth?

I meant selfish in a really general way, in the sense that Americans are very domestically oriented and thus think of themselves more. But that's to be expected expected from a society that doesn't envy any other and wants to keep what's theirs.

Anyway, I like my S10 and I get a lot of work out of it on my weekend side jobs.
I highly recommend that you trade in that S10 for a nice F150 or HD Silverado. It will increase your manhood by 25% and will increase your sex appeal for 40% as well as overall confidence going up 15%. You get the picture, but part of our lust for large vehicles is in how driving these vehicles are percieved by others. We seem to be an incredibly image oriented society as well, where mommy often cares more about what Babs(Barbra Streisand) did last weekend than what grades her kid just got in school. The other issue as I stated earlier is that America is an incredibly spread out country with wide open spaces. You can often drive from tip to tip of many other countries in a few hours, but that simply doesn't happen here. Because of our spread out lifestyle(which is partially responsible for urban sprawl), our lifestyles often also demand these types of vehicles which goes hand in hand with the high level of disposable income that most American's have in comparison to the rest of the world. You can't tow that trailer or that boat with a car, and fuel efficiency requirements have basically made the full body on frame car obsolete. I will honestly cry if Ford even discontinues the Crown Vic, because that car has a special place in the heart of automotive enthusiasts who have appreciate such robustness(I owned one before selling it to my father).

The bottom line is that people should not be restricted, as the market will do a good enough job of that. High gas prices are forcing people to rethink their car buying strategy even without the government forcing new regulations. Look at how much SUV and truck sales have dropped. Of course the CUV segment is exploding, but these vehicles are a nice compromise as they provide almost the utility of an SUV, and almost the fuel economy of a larger car.
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