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Originally Posted by F91 View Post
It's funny, as a native , born and raised Floridian, to have you guys lecture me on the ecology of my home state. BTW, I don't live in New Mexico either.
How in the world is it Nimbyism on my part,when you folks won't accept the waste, but it's a good idea for others? You guys are the ones touting the "safe" spent nuclear waste. It's safe, or it isn't. Or, is it only safe in certain areas or as long as it's not near you?
Lastly, when you drive around, check out the Indian River power plant or Turkey Point. I helped build them.
Oh, and FPL is a horrible, horrible company. You guys are getting so screwed, their system is a joke. No maintenance, substandard equipment, sky high rates and the next hurricane, 3 week outages. Great....

Bottom line when it comes to toxic and radioactive waste, is put it where people ain't. Last time I checked, Florida had a bigger population that is also more dense. Florida also has a much more fragile ecosystem whiel Yucca Mountain is supposedly in the middle of a desert away from civilization.
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