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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post

The second plus of Yucca Mtn is that geologists have determined that this area has no risk of earthquakes and has been stable for hundreds of millions of years.

Oh and the previous poster was pulling your leg as to say, " Let's put the nuclear spent fuel depository in YOUR state . . . not mine!"

The old NIMBY thinking - Not In My Back Yard.
Yes, I knew that about Yucca Mountain, my friend was the Geologist used to do the studies on Yucca Mountain, he works for an International firm that does ground studies on stability, and ground water movement, he also travels all over the world supervising Toxic waste clean-ups (there is really good money in that business).

And I assumed the other poster was pulling my leg but, sometimes it is hard to tell (especially on this forum), people react very differently to the thought of nuclear power, and sometimes they have this nasty knee jerk reaction and aggressively attack even the discussion of it's usage.
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