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Originally Posted by F91 View Post
Perhaps they could store the safe nuclear waste in Florida?
I know you're trying to be funny and don't mean that but, I'll explain it to you anyway (just in case).

Where they plan to deposit the spent nuclear fuel is in Yucca Mountain New Mexico, it wil be put into concrete encased containers and buried like a 1000 feet below the surface. It will be safe there because there is no ground water present nor any rainfall that could seep down through the surface to possibly cause runoff from the buried spent fuel (if by some miracle it was exposed) which could not happen.

Florida incase you are not aware has one of the largest underground aquaifers in the world (billions upon billions of water) and the water level is just a couple of feet below the surface so it would not be a good place to deposit spent nuclear fuel. Infact if they buried the containers, they could just pop right back onto the surface if we had an excessive rainfall that cause the ground water aquaifer to swell.

Don't think I am lecturing you because I think you are ignorant but, the truth is most Americans are woefully ignorant about nuclear power and even alternative fuels like Hydrogen Fuel cells and even Electically powered vehicles.

In the last 10 years there have been so many technological changes that most Americans are suffering from a form of information overload and instead of trying to learn all those new things they have just shut down their interest in learning anything new, it is just easier to keep doing the same old things, even if it becomes both dangerous and much too expensive to reconcile their continued usage.

I'm actually afraid it will take the situations to become so bad that we are in actual mortal danger to our economy and to our very lives in order to wake up and actually start to do the things we could have easily started to do right now before things progressed into placing all of us into a dire panic stricken set of circumstances.

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