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High Definition is the definition of life.

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Originally Posted by unotis View Post
It has been a very good thread, some very good ideas have been discussed and are food for thought.

It is funny that this is maybe one of the most informative and least combative threads on the entire forum has nothing to do with High Definition hardware or formats.

It is kinda of nice not have any "fanboy" rants interupting the discussion, afterall what could anyone say?

Blu-Ray discs have more capacity then hybrid vehicles?

HD DVD has much nicer sound quality then diesel cars?
It may be because we all agree on what needs to be done, but disagree on the methods of reaching that long term goal. It might also be because so far its been mostly adults doing the debating here. Maybe some of those kiddies don't know the Automotive section exists on this forum yet

I would LOVE to have an HD-DVD player in my SUV, but it wouldn't be of much use as I am always in the drivers seat and will never give it up to anyone. If I get fatigued on our trip to DC next week, we're pulling over as I don't like to hand my keyes even to friends I trust. My family? Forget it as they drive like asian girls.

I've thought about upgrading the factory speakers in the Focus since I spend so much more time in it these days, but I need that money to buy more HD-DVD's when the releases realy start piling out in the 2nd half of the year.
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