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check if you set 'quick restart' off? then TV is off as soon as you press off key.
if it's on, TV goes to quick restart mode which last about 4 min before completely off, the green LED is blinking. you can see instant pic again if you turn TV on.

Originally Posted by dlpready
I have my power off mode set to standby, whereby the tv waits about 10 minutes before completely shutting down.

Yesterday, I powered off and the tv seemed to shut down without going into this mode (i.e. went right to power off).

I turned it on and it was fine.

Is this a problem someone has seen before. Also, about two weeks ago I turned my tv off and it did the same thing. When I turned it on this time the green light blinked while the red one stayed on. This, according to the manual, indicates the lamp is not working properly, which it probably was not because my tv reset itself (as it says in the manual).

My questions is (are): has anyone seen these problems? Are these normal from time to time? I have 4 days left on my monthly exchange deal, is it worth exchanging this set? If the TV is already exhibiting problems now will they get worse?
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