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i am having the same problem with overscanning. i am using an ati x850 xt with a Sony WEGA 50" 1080p Rear-Projection SXRD HDTV
Model: KDS50A2020

i have a dvi/hdmi cable connecting them. at 1920x1080 i can't see the taskbar. the only resolution that entirely shows is 800x600 which is unacceptable. is there a way to use powerstrip, or a similar program to create a custom resolution that accounts for the over scan? or perhaps a hidden setting in the tv's menu to shrink the picture? (it has a display area setting of -1 and -2 which both increase the size of the picture)

in powerstrip it shows the active pixels as being 1920 but the total pixels as 2200 for horizontal and 1080 active 1125 total for vertical. is there some way to make the total be 1920x1080? i called sony and they were less than no help.

i'm pretty bummed out so any help would make my day, month, and possibly year.
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