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Trying to prepare for my Panasonic 50" (50PX60U) plasma coming in a couple weeks. Since the format war seems far from over; HD DVD, Blue-ray, Mpg4, Divx/Xvid, etc. I'm thinking I might just try to use my computer as my DVD player until the dust settles and/or prices come down. I have some nice 720p Divx TV shows and some HD video podcasts that I would like to watch in addition to regular DVDs. Also, would running a 1080i picture be better than a 720p?

I have a P4 3.2 cpu, 2GB RAM, and BFG 6600 OC 256mb video card with vga & dvi outputs. I have a recent nvidia driver. Does anyone have a similar setup? I should be able to run my computer LCD monitor on vga @ 1280x1024 and run the Panasonic at 720p or 1080i from the dvi port to HDMI, correct? For audio I can just run a single to composite audio (R/L stereo) from the onboard sound card to R/L on the TV correct?

With the TV on will the video card auto detect it and set the right resolution? I'm thinking of using this setup just to watch movies, no gaming, no TV as a monitor stuff (at least for now).

Any info appreciated. Thanks!
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