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Again, what you are asking is have the companies that can make a profit on their DVD and Blu-ray sales to forgo that, replace it with HD DVD/DVD combos with a loss per unit, hoping somewhere down the road they can profit. The Blu-ray exclusive studios will have to find that one hilarious but obviously can easily compete by lowering the Blu-ray titles to a break-even point, which will be lower than the loss leader HD DVD/DVD titles. Now consumers that want HD are faced with buying HD DVD/DVD for a premium for the titles that are available or buying the same title at a lower price on Blu-ray or one of the Blu-ray exclusive releases for less since Blu-ray can't allow HD DVD/DVD combos to be sold for less. Consumers that want the DVD are going to write letters to all involved asking why they now have to pay extra for this other side they can't play to get a DVD. This is among the silliest suggestions ever. I suspect the strategy is now the second one I can see that does end the war quickly, in favor of Blu-ray.

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