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Originally Posted by enmoco View Post
It's a very real problem. The unfortunate realism is that a city,municipality,or township needs XXX amount of funds to provide the necessary (and maybe not so necessary) services and entitlements deemed as such buy the governing body. Property values are not intended to be a retail appraisal of your property. In many cases the appraisal district value is underrated. Periodic adjustments can be disturbing,to say the least.Most generally a provision for arbitration is provided if one should disagree.Near proximity actual sales are often used to justify one's claim of unfair property appraisal in taxing cases.The real tragedy is so many non tax paying users of schools,roads,parks,and all other municipal provided benefits.This puts the burden on all of us.

And we have a TON of them in our city. Aww, the "burden of dependency" when you are too frickin lazy to better yourself and make a better life for yourself by refusing to motivate yourself enough to get out of your "poverty" cycle. Instead, they decide they want to hang around on our street corners and sell rocks instead. Instead of making sure their kids go to school, they wait around on their porches the first Tuesday of the month waiting for their welfare checks. Several times, politicians have tried to tie government assistance of any kind in with public school attendance for their kids. Somehow, that never works here, when this has been proven to work in the poorest of countries to motivate child school attendance. Bangladesh has especially seen success with a similar motivational assistance program as more of their children than ever are attending schools. Now they are trying to raise sales taxes here just to pay for a new jail. The only problem is that once the jail is built, what other taxes will they try to raise to maintain that jail?
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