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Originally Posted by DSNY FN View Post
Oh don't get me wrong I like guns I am an owner I own a couple .22 log rifle long arms I have a Remmington 700 an Enfield and an SKS D model that will accept the AK mags. I never have them out becuase to even go to the range you have to file with the loval PD to let them know when you are going what route you are taking and how long you will be there and how you will get home. If you are pulled over in a different area or after the specified time you will be arrested and all weapons taken away. This is how London handles the gun owners their point is they would rather you store your weapons at the range in their vault then in your home to eliminate any possible issues.

That's exactly the type of stuff I personally have a problem with. My first and formost primary reason for owning a gun is protection at home. Recreational use at the range is only second to this for me. Then again, that's why i'll visit the UK(I love London!!!), but i'll never live there. I would never even accept a job that would require me to live abroad because I would be unhappy and dissatisfied.
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