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Originally Posted by junehhan View Post
And I believe that's exactly the way to do it, although perhaps not as restrictive. My philosophy on this is let people own firearms to their hearts content, but only after they can prove that they are not a danger to society, and after showing that they are competent in firearm safety. I used to be a member of the NRA, but this is exactly why I no longer support them financially although I will agree with them from time to time. I believe that firearms should be allowed only after proving that you know how to operate one safely. I also believe that every firearm should carry a unique identification number just like every car has a unique VIN. The restrictions you have up there I beleive are overboard, but clearly is not a bad start if that is revised. As for the magazine limit, I honestly could not live with a 5 bullet limit as there have been times when I just went to the range and decide to empty the entire magazine on the target. Maybe I should head back to a range someday as it's been a while. I'll probably use that opportunity to empty my magazine so that I can fill it up with hollow point shells since man stopping power is exactly what you would want in an emergency as you don't want it penetrating anything and possibly striking someone else.
Oh don't get me wrong I like guns I am an owner I own a couple .22 log rifle long arms I have a Remmington 700 an Enfield and an SKS D model that will accept the AK mags. I never have them out becuase to even go to the range you have to file with the loval PD to let them know when you are going what route you are taking and how long you will be there and how you will get home. If you are pulled over in a different area or after the specified time you will be arrested and all weapons taken away. This is how London handles the gun owners their point is they would rather you store your weapons at the range in their vault then in your home to eliminate any possible issues.
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