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How can anyone watch standard def?

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I think I'll chime in here. I'm a new hdtv plasma owner. I've learned alot on this site. thanks

Anyways, my plasma has a 'wide' or 'Full' (can't remember witch)setting and when I get black bars in viewing SD material, I set it to one of these settings and the bars are removed and the picture looks great (my sd comes in 480p). One of these setting do make people fat but the other does not. For HD, I only have 2 settings full and wide. Full will remove any black bars from some HD channels but the wide will not. Then the zoom which I don't use.

Gosh, you know I love technology but sometimes it can make life more difficult. Sometimes you just want to sit down, turn the TV on and forget about burn in, zoom, hd, sd , burning bars, wide, full, ISF cal, is it in 480i or 480p or 1080i or is there a 1080p yet? Cable box set up right? I wonder if I can get 720p. What about a splitter? ... no might hurt the signal. DVD in 480i! darn I don't have progressive scan. Is this an hd channel? no wait it's sd ... whew I thought my plasma was broken. why is there a buzz sound, is it the fan? I'm at sea level, must be the fan. HDMI to DVI, no I'll use component but wait they say DVI is better. It can drive you mad, ha ha ho ho he he, they're coming to take me away! Hold on, I'm going to the kitchen to watch TV on the 13" CRT on the counter.

Just a little humor .
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