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Originally Posted by rbinck
The main reason they say is because teams can't play games within a couple of days or so. They need a week between games. That does not leave enough time for a very big bracket. 16 teams might work if all of the current bowl games were utilized, but that still leaves a week for 8 to 4 and then a week for 4 to 2 and then a championship game. In fairness to the BCS, I think there would only be a few times that a different outcome would have happened anyway.
Why in the world do football players need a week between games are they sissys or something. Heck hockeyplayers play on back to back nights and just as physical and way more speed invovled. Football players should suck it up and try playing a season that has more than 16 games (NFL) LOL. I still think a bracket would work and the players would much prefer it that way I am sure.

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