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I want 3D HD!

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HD is much better than DVD but it can be difficult at first glance to see the difference between a well upscaled dvd and a High Def DVD.

I think HD will only really take off here in the UK in about two years, we have the analogue switchoff starting then and many people are already buying HD ready sets because of the adverts on tv saying about tv`s being HD ready - people are starting to associate HD ready and digital tv and so in a few years time as the deadline gets nearer the number of HD sets here will rise, then people will start buying the cheaper HD DVD players and already more people are buying Sky HD satellite.

HD is a niche market but so was CD and for a while DVD.

The signs seem to point to, at least here, High Def tv taking off as the analogue switch off approaches. A lot of people I know who aren`t into HD yet are buying HD ready sets because thanks to tv ads (and the "HD ready" logo plastered in all the tv shops) they know that new tv`s should be HD ready.

Sky HD will have dropped in price by then, it`s already dropped to about 200 for the box from 300, and then people will have an affordable alternative to standard definition tv.

It was the same with the switch from 4:3 to 16:9 sets here, as Sky and terrestrial tv showed more widescreen content people switched to the widescreen sets.

I think the advertising has prepared Brits for a HD future. Hopefully
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