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Originally Posted by DSNY FN
I want an M3 as my daily driver but I am told it has to wait till the ids are a little older LOL so in other words she wants me to wait till they are all in their teens.

The scary part will be that then your kids will want to take your M3 for a spin

After I get my career established after school, i'd honestly love the BMW M5 at some point in my life. It seems to be the fastest sedan you can buy without hitting the 6 digit mark for cost. However, that's going to be a very long way off at this point in time.

I'm imagining that those Bugatti Veyrons arn't sold here in the USA right? If they are, I surely hope noone decides to get the idea of doing a top speed test on a public road. Driving at 153mph is one thing, but I can't imagine how you could ever recover or brake in time when going 250mph if you see traffic in front of you. On the plus side, the cops won't even know what passed them at those speeds.
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