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You must be pretty brave, because I would never risk nitrous on my vehicle. I know that with proper setup and engine management, that it can be safe. However, I get I just don't have to balls for that. How big of a shot are you running?

Originally Posted by godson
Yea at WOT,with the right setup them cars can make a sound that IMO rivals that of some euro exotics. I hear what your saying about light throttle sounds as Ive been hearing it lately too...its only been a week or so that Ive had the swap done so I havent really had a chance to hear the car repeatedly yet but I have noticed some half-throttle---dare I say "drone". Well not drone in the traditional humming style,more like an "uneven" sound. IDK...I'll be playing with it over the weekend. I need to be by myself and this past week it has been often Im solo. The 350Z is over 300 now....306hp to be exact....I beleve the G35 coupe with the 6speed is rated at 293hp,not a big differebce for what I personally think is a bit nicer of a vehicle.The VQ35 I have in my car isd from an 04 Max and stock is rated at 265hp...not bad but it can be felt,along with a slew of other things that make it different feeling than G/Z. Im just a Maxima guy for the looks of the car,but its the VQ that really shines in them cars. I would have loved to able to use one of them VQ's but no good. I have some work into it alread but nothing outrageous(see like Page1 of this thread) mainly because everything I had on my VQ30 wouldnt work on this motor,so i had to aprt them all out and didnt leave me with much money after buying the motor and the labor. Only thing that I really carried over from the 30 was the N2O.... I really havent had any extra dough for dyno time but hopefully in the next few weeks... I'll let ya know.
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