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That is how old HiDef DVD is. What kind of miracles were people expecting from this format(s)? IMO the person who wrote the article is a younger person who has been used to the super fast changes that have come with many of the technologies we use today.

As I have stated in other threads, there is only one other time in the past that you can compare HDTV to and that was Color TV. You HAD to get a new TV to enjoy the benefit color tv offered.

IMO HD disc is going to be the slowest growth format we have ever seen. Reason - I don't have to buy a HD disc player to watch HDTV. There is plenty of HD programming available, even some for free (OTA).

LD and DVD offered something other than just better PQ and AQ, they offered OAR for movie lovers and there are many who love this aspect.

So I'm in CC looking at HD DVD's and decide to pass on buying anything. That night I sit down and watch WATERWORLD in OAR and DD 5.1 in HD on UHD and it looked great! So how much better would the HD DVD of this movie looked . .. 5% . . 10%?

So what I am doing is making a list of the HD movies shown that are NOT in OAR and when one of those is released, then I would have a reason to purchase it, the same as I did for LD and DVD. But if its on HDTV in OAR I am not spending $20 or $25 to own it when it's available to me through my HD STB as part of my $100 per month cable package.

I started to realize that at $20 a pop HD DVD is going to get expensive to build a library in comparison to the $5.00 I have been spending on DVD's. And how many times am I going to watch that HD DVD?

Of course HD disc is a niche market. And it's going to say there for quite some time. But as far as we know, this is it for the next 20 years or so. If it was the only method of getting HDTV then it would have triple the sales it does. But HD disc has competition from HDTV and I am sure I am not alone in my views and habits concerning HD disc and HDTV.
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