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You are desparate & confused! Welcome Alessandro...

First, you can't use the ATI adapter with the NVidia card. ATI only works with ATI.

Second, your TV must be a 1080i native set (CRT RPTV?)... not the best for PC use, but workable. You can use custom display mode of 960 x 540 or probably 848 x 480 EDTV mode from the drivers. NVidia cards can NOT produce any interlaced modes like 1920 x 1080i. Perhaps you should buy an ATI card that matches your DVI to Component converter...

The correct res on the Sony LCD panels is 1366 x 768. Their website is full of bad typos...

I've found progressive scan displays make fine desktops, I've been using my 50" 720p display exclusively for a year and a half. 1080p displays will be even better. Only hassle is getting the overscan worked out, and makers are making that easier for us in both graphics cards & HDTVs.
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