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Originally Posted by hdridge
Just wanted to say hi to all the car folks out there. Was wondering what you are driving.

My little Geo 4W Tracker has been a wonderful winter vehicle. When the weather turns nicer, I drive my red '94 Dodge Stealth. (great car in my opinion-no problems with it for the 11 years I've had it)
When the weather turns ultra-nice, I like to cruise a bit in my '65 Corvette convertible. It's triple black, 4 spd, both tops,327-365, red line tires, and knock off wheels. It's off frame restored,(everything works!) and I never get tired of looking at it. (12-14 miles a gallon sucks though.)
Wow theres a few of us Vette owners guys go to any shows or runs or meets or something? Im in PA so I do alot of local ones due to my time constraints.
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