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Originally Posted by junehhan
That's exactly it! Every person here is their own personal rational economic agent. What each individual prefers and derives utility from in their life is going to be specific to every individual. I derive greater utility from driving a fast gas guzzler and watching HD-DVD movies, therefore I forego other goods in other to make things work given my budget constraint. Would I like to drive a fast gas guzzler, watch HD-DVD's, go to nice expensive bars and 3-4 star restaurants? Sure, but it's currently unobtainable to I juggle my things to make things work based on what I derive the most utility from.

A friend of mine who is critical of me driving such a gas guzzler has a fetish for cell phones, yet I don't judge him because high tech cell phones give him the most utility.

Another friend of mine is critical of me for stocking up on so many HD-DVD movies, yet he has a boner for expensive label clothing. I don't judge him because he obviously derives greater utility from prestigious clothing labels.

What makes me very irrate is when politicians and other types of activists start trying to dictate to me what I should and shouldn't be enjoying. It burns me up when people like Jacky Thompson try to launch a crusade against violent video games because I derive GREAT utility from playing these very violent games.
I agree 100% now I am getting to teh point where we do have the liquid assets to do more but I still don't just because I want the money for other things like my HT setup honestly can it ever be big enough new enough or loud enough LOL.
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