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I have cd's that are in surround sound and I love them. Those DTS cds are amazing. I also have a 2 cd set of John Barry's Greatest Hits that is actually in surround sound and it's also great.
I'm not one of those audiophiles that believe music should only be listened to in 2 channel.......line direct......That's soundproof walls, studio stuff...........I like a little ambiance.
And yes, those "true" audiophiles think it's impossible. And, no, you're not crazy.

Originally Posted by CDWallace
Snap, if you had to change something about surround sound for music that would change your mind about listening to CD's in stereo only, what would it be?

I guess what I'm asking, to some degree, is if surround were configured to reproduce a stereo CD equally or better than stereo, being an audiophile, is this something you would consider? IYO, do you think, or do you feel most audiophiles think the above scenario is even possible?

To let everyone else in. I know its "mission impossible", but why not try to bridge the gap between surround and stereo playback, to the point where surround can be a viable, legitimate or even audiophile grade option for music playback. Call me crazy.

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