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Originally Posted by CDWallace
This question is geared more toward audiophiles into surround sound, but can be answered by anyone who chooses. I only ask that if you have an opinion that you also supply a substantiated conclusion to you opinion.

I've noticed this more with focused audiophiles than those interested in surround sound. More audiophiles have the mindset that surround sound is a gimmick when it comes to music. Many have conclusions that music was not intended to be heard behind you and your typical CD has no surround properties recorded.

Of course, I completely disagree. Especially after learning that CD's do have surround properties, and that surround doesn't always mean hearing behind you.

Being a somewhat "reformed" (for a lack of better terms) audiophile, I understand how important things like soundstage presentation, for one, really are. I understand how it can easily be confusing to an audiophile to think the soundstage in surround will be misconstrude and elements misplaced. Just because a properly setup surround system (5.1) has 6 total speakers working as 1 in a 360 soundfield, doesn't mean the information EVENLY spread throughout the 360 degrees. (I hope I didn't loose anyone)

I'm hoping this thread can shed some light on the differences audiophiles have regarding surround sound and music.
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