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Originally Posted by Chrissc
Upgraded my Dish service yesterday with the latest DVR receiver. The guy replaced my dish (no larger than the original). The HD channels look great via component. The tech guy said not to use HDMI.

Other than the cost of upgrading as a current subscriber, the only downside is that it will cost me $5 USD a month to maintain my privacy and keep the unit disconnected from the phone line. Bastards.

The VOOM channels remind me of what good cable used to be before ESPN became the channel where they only talk about sports and TLC became the body mod tattoo and silicone implant botox circus channel. A&E and Bravo? Gone they show "Dog, the one-man walking art show Bounty Hunter" and other assorted BS. Outdoor Life? Gone...No FIS World Cup Skiing, but damn, if you want to see a bunch a low-lifes with huge stainless hooks catch a big shark for no apparent reason you can watch VS.

Sorry about the Monday morning rant...Did you know Cheryl Crow has a big mole on her face? Maybe HD isn't so good...
did he give you a reason why not to use HDMI? im using it with a VIP622 and the hD looks excellent
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