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Default G-Force FX 5200 to LG-HDTV, I am desperate!

Dear guys,
This is my first time here, so, hi to everyone. I am from Brazil, carnaval, Rio de Janeiro, I bet some of you might know the place, right? Anyways, I really have an issue here. I recently bought a LG-LAFINION '72-HDTV, and it bares two inputs, which are : 480iX1080i & 480pX1080i. Problem is, I have a 2.8 processor, 512 RAM, and the above mentioned graphic card (G-Force FX 5200). So, of course, I got very excited about connecting the both, using the DVI output on the back of the G-Force card. So, I bought the ''ATi DVI-I to Component HDTV Adapter'', to hook up my PC to the HDTV (Here is the link, in case you don't know this adapter : ( ). I connect the ATI DVI adapter to the DVI output found on the G-force FX 5200 card, and then, connect the three composite cables (Red, blue and green), found on the other and of the ATI adapter to the TV input. After hooking everything up, and turning on the TV, I saw all my dreams falling apart, you see, I have been dreaming with it for years, worked like a dog to purchase the systems, and now, the image, is totally blurred, and the horizontal is all mixed up, along with the vertical lines, in a nutshell, my HDTV, turns into a mess, everytime I hook it up with the computer! Now, the definite question ; What should I do? Do I have to download any new driver, do I have to buy something else? Or, isn't there any compatibility between the PC & HDTV, using the G-force 5200 card? Do I have to buy an ATI to make it work? Please, say it isn't true . Please guys, what can you do to help this desperate Brazilian? I have a HDTV, and never watches it, due to this problem. How can I make the image get through? Crisp and clear? By the way, I use the driver that comes in the bundle of the G-Force (On the CD).

My kindest reagrds to anyone who can save me,

Alessandro Marinho.
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